Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for students to attend Landmark East School?

Students between the ages of 8 to 19 years can apply to Landmark East. Results of recent educational testing would demonstrate that students have average or better cogitative ability (as shown on the WISC-IV) and are diagnosed with a learning disability, which includes dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or a non-verbal learning disability.

There must be evidence that the student understands his/her learning disability and is motivated to participate in Landmark East programs. As parents, there must be evidence of your commitment to Landmark East programs and policies as outlined in the Student-Parent Handbook.

What is the WISC and do I need to include an evaluation with the application form?

The WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) is a standardized intelligence test. It forms part of a recognized battery of tests used to document learning disabilities, including dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. While the fact that your child has a learning disability doesn’t change, an updated diagnosis often adds new insight into his/her learning styles.

If your child has not had an updated evaluation within two years of making an application to Landmark East, or if your child’s assessment is out of date, there are several ways of getting an evaluation done:

  • the school may refer you to a school psychologist to arrange for testing if your child is attending a public school
  • there may be psychologists in your community or area who are in private practice and specialize in learning disabilities

Can parents make an application for their child to attend Landmark East any time?

Applications made to Landmark East are considered as they are received – on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you apply for your child, the better your chances of having your child admitted for the next school year. Should a vacancy occur, students who have been accepted after the deadline are placed on a waiting list. Therefore we advise parents to apply as soon as possible as space is limited.

Students enrolled at Landmark East are selected on the basis of educational testing, previous school reports, a completed application form and a personal interview.

Can students be admitted to Landmark East once the school year has started?

The majority of students enrolling for the school year beginning in September are accepted by June 30th. It is important that applications are processed and interviews are held by this date. Students applying between July 1st and August 31st will be considered but acceptance is conditional on availability of space in the particular program for which the student is applying.
In the High School Program, students select credit courses that are taught for the full year, therefore it is difficult to admit a student after Remembrance Day in that program.

During the first few months of the Middle School Program, the foundation for many skills being used during the school year is taught. It is very difficult for students to learn these concepts if they are not enrolled in September.

Should an opening occur between September and December, students who have been accepted but are on a waiting list may be eligible to enroll if a program can be developed to meet their academic and social needs.

What is the difference between a visit to Landmark East and the admissions interview?

A visit is a meeting parents schedule with the Headmaster. It’s a chance for you to see the campus, have a tour of the school and ask any questions you may have about the school and its programs. You are encouraged to bring your child with you at this time.

An admissions interview is a meeting we arrange after your child’s admissions file is complete and has been reviewed by the Admissions Committee. A diagnostic battery of skills is administered to the student during the interview to help us assess skill levels. Students are also interviewed by the Headmaster. If the student hadn’t been to the school before, they have a tour at this time as well as an opportunity to speak with students and ask any questions they have about Landmark East and the programs. The admissions interview takes approximately ½ day.

Are there any times when visits or admissions interviews can’t be scheduled?

Yes, there are times during the year when Landmark East is closed for holidays. The school is closed for three weeks in December for Christmas holidays and the middle two weeks in March for Spring Break. There are also no classes scheduled on Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and Victoria Day.Visits to Landmark East and admissions interviews are arranged from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

During July and August, Landmark East is closed and its staff is on summer vacation. Usually summer admissions interviews are scheduled during the third week of July and the fourth week of August before the new school year begins in September.

When students visit the school, can they sit in on classes or spend the night in the dorms?

Yes, we are delighted to welcome students to our campus to sit in on classes, meet our students and staff, and stay overnight in our residences. Please contact to book your visit to our beautiful campus.

Is there any financial assistance for my child to attend your school?

Landmark East has developed a bursary program, through the generous support of The Johnson Foundation, to assist families who believe in the educational experience provided by the school, but who are unable to meet the full financial commitment.

These limited needs-based bursaries are open to all students. In order to be eligible to apply for a bursary, a student must be accepted into the school, have the enrollment contract signed and the $2,000 reservation deposit paid.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact Landmark East School at 902-542-2237.