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2022/23 COVID Related

COVID Protocols

Daily COVID Symptom Checklist (Updated March 21, 2022)

School Calendars

School Calendar - 2022 / 2023

The Daily Schedule

Student Guidelines

Student Handbook

School Dress Code


School Prospectus

Student Application Form & Reference Request

Student Enrolment Forms

School Supplies

Boarding Students - What to Bring


Building on Success Capital Campaign Prospectus

Five Week Rotating Menu

Cancellation of Classes or Delayed Start Policy

Morning Transportation Services to Campus

Giving / Donations to LME

Annual Charity Golf Classic

Student Bursary  Fund Form

Bursary Endowment Form


For more information please visit our "GIVING" page.

Archived Annual Newsletters

2019 December Newsletter

PDF Admissions
Cancellation of Classes or Delayed Start Policy
Transportation Sevices
Archived Annual Newslettes
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