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Hiking and exploring the natural beauty within the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. 

Where Learning and Self-Confidence Flourish

Peace of Mind

Landmark East students are empowered to develop into who they are meant to be, by learning to embrace their individuality. They develop self-confidence through their educational successes as well as through physical education programming. They are given important tools to help with the development of social and emotional well-being.

Students have the opportunity to make new friends from around the world and participate in many sports, activities and clubs. We encourage students to work hard and enjoy these experiences.

The Landmark East experience changes lives.

After School Activities: Day and Boarding


Landmark East offers exceptional after-school and weekend programming. These experiences are designed to engage our students and provide the opportunity for them to make connections outside the classroom. As well, students develop skills in building social relationships, risk taking, resilience, sportsmanship, performance arts, music,

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communication, tolerance and other important life skills. All of the activities are led by staff and are scheduled at specific times each week. These include, but are not limited to, supervised weight training, cardio and recreational sport activities on the play pad. These programs are a wonderful learning opportunity for all students, so please encourage your son or daughter to get involved!

Such as...

Student Life Overview
Day & Boarding Activities

Creating memories that last a life time...

Creative Arts

Creative Art activities are a wonderful way to support self-expression and creativity. Art is often seen as a form of therapy where students can develop self-confidence, creativity, problem solving and relationship development while participating in these activities – which are known to contribute to a student’s emotional and physical wellness. Creative Art programs can also open opportunities for students to express their thoughts, as well as reduce stress and anxiety, by relaxing and releasing this energy into their artwork. Activities may include painting, drawing, colouring, etc.


The After School of Rock is not afraid to turn it up! This rockin’ group of students are energetic and not only ready to show their individual musical talents with others, but collaborate on pop and original songs. Students will explore a variety of music genres and learn to appreciate multiple styles and tastes. Students perform songs in a variety of school performances throughout the year.

The joy of Cross Country Running...

NSSAF Competitive Sports

Wrestling is an excellent workout for students. The wrestling team practices the art of wrestling four days a week and will be compete across the province with other schools.

Cross Country Running is also offered to students interested in learning to run or who enjoy the type of endurance training that comes with a running program.

Track & Field is offered in the spring; some of the training for Track & Field is included in the SPARK program. Students compete in a variety of competitions.


Students will receive information about the equipment used in archery, including parts and care. Instruction will be given on the basic skills of archery (ie. draw, aim, release, follow-through). Safety is always foremost. Students learn to follow instructions on the range. Once appropriate skill levels have been demonstrated, a small competition is held.

Music brings generations and cultures together...

Hiking & Biking

Students hike and bike various trails in the local area. Bike rides include learning turn/stop signals with day trips anywhere between 10-20 km. Both hikes and biking adventures provide the opportunity for the students to enjoy the natural beauty and landscapes of the Annapolis Valley.


Jeopardy is one of Landmark East’s Clubs. Students visit the Wolfville Elms Nursing Home on Mondays where they engage residents in an energetic game of Jeopardy modeled after the long-running television game show. Jeopardy provides our students with the opportunity to experience and develop community service skills and to give back through their work with seniors in our community.

Debate Club

Debate is an opportunity to engage with current events through the art of the argument. The team has the opportunity to compete across the province with other schools.

Ski & Snowboarding

Students travel to Ski Martock for skiing and snowboarding. Lessons are provided by Ski Martock’s instructors.

And so much more...

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