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Welcome to Landmark East

Canada’s Independent Day and Boarding School for
Students with Language and Learning Differences


At Landmark East School we individualize teaching to each student by using numerous innovative techniques.

Sparking Life


Landmark East’s daily Spark exercise program allows students to choose from a menu of engaging physical activities designed to elevate cardio heart rate and foster personal fitness. Physical exercise is good for the brain, as well as the body.

Current research suggests that exercise makes the brain more ready, willing and able to learn. It is true. The teachers of Landmark East see it every day. After high-cardio activity, students demonstrate positive behaviour, greater capacity for learning, better performance using acquired skills, improved attention, sustained concentration, and less distraction.

This exercise program enhances the atmosphere of the entire school. It contributes to building school unity, a feeling of belonging and a general sense of well-being. Students arrive in the morning ready to learn, and have fun participating in the cardio activity they have personally selected for the day.


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