Daily Schedule

The student’s Daily Schedule from Monday to Friday is comprised of the following activities:

Time Activity
7:45 AM Morning Wake-Up (boarding students)
7:45 AM Breakfast (boarding students)
8:30 AM Day Students Arrive
8:45 AM 1st Period Class
9:30 AM Spark Fit
10:05 AM Morning Recess
10:30 AM 2nd Period Class
11:15 AM 3rd Period Class
12:00 PM Lunch
12:25 PM Academic Support
12:50 PM 4th Period Class
1:35 PM 5th Period Class
2:20 PM Student Advisory Period
2:40 PM 6th Period Class
3:30 PM End of Academic Day
3:35 PM Afternoon Recess
3:45 PM Study Hall / Physical Education
5:00 PM Day Students May Leave
5:30 PM Supper (5:00 PM Friday)
6:30 PM Study Hall / Physical Education
8:00 PM Day Students Leave
10:00 PM Bed Time (boarding students)

Note: Lunch and supper meals included in tuition for day students

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