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Before you start your bursary appeal, review the following questions. Answer each question before proceeding to a bursary appeal.

  1. Have you reviewed the Bursary Appeal Process Explained page?​

  2. If yes, continue to the next question.

  3. Has your financial situation changed or do you believe your financial situation was not accurately presented to the Bursary Selection Committee?

    • If yes, continue.

    • If no, you can not appeal a bursary award decision unless your financial situation has changed or your financial situation was not accurately presented to the Bursary Selection Committee. Refer to Bursary Appeal Process Explained for more information.

To begin your appeal you must follow the two steps below.

Step 1 – Visit Apple Financial Services to update information.

Apple Financial Services - it is strongly recommended that you visit Apple Financial Services and update your financial situation.

Click here

Step 2 – Complete The Form Below

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