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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about bursaries and bursary applications at Landmark East School.

Don’t see an answer here? Visit our Bursary Application Help page.

What is a bursary?

A bursary is a monetary award applied to a student’s tuition fee at Landmark East School. Bursaries are awarded to students from families who are able to demonstrate genuine financial need. There is an expectation that families pay for their child’s education to the best extent they are able to.

Where do the bursary funds come from?

Landmark East Foundation (a registered Canadian charity) generates bursary funds through donations and fundraising efforts. 


How much bursary funds are available?


The amount of available bursaries depends on the amount of money raised annually by the Landmark East Foundation. The amount fluctuates from year to year.

Who is eligible to receive a bursary?

Refer to the Bursary Application Process Explained page for application criteria. 

Are different bursary applications given different priority?

Yes, bursary applications are prioritized based on where a student resides. Refer to the Bursary Application Process Explained page for application criteria.

Will a bursary cover all financial need?

It is the intention of the Student Bursary Program to help provide financial assistance, but due to limited funds available this may not always be possible. Every effort will be made to meet your financial needs including, but not limited to, assisting with providing a list of additional funding sources. Contact

Are there deadlines to submit bursary applications?

Bursary applications can be made throughout the year, BUT there are limited funds available so it is important to submit your application as soon as possible for the best bursary outcome. We strongly recommend you review the Bursary Application Process Explained page and note the dates when applications will be reviewed by the Bursary Selection Committee. Also note that Apple Financial Services must process your application before the Bursary Selection Committee can review it. Processing times vary from 2-4 weeks due to work load.


Who makes bursary decisions?

The Bursary Selection Committee, consisting of three Directors from the Landmark East Association Board and three Trustees from the Landmark East Foundation Board, decides bursary awards and appeals.

What if there is a conflict of interest?

In addition to existing school policies, Bursary Selection Committee members are expected to inform fellow members if they have or may have a conflict of interest regarding a bursary application. Members may choose to abstain from any decision if there is a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest may occur for many reasons including, but limited to, being related to an applicant or applicant family, or having a professional or business relationship with an applicant or applicant family. An applicant may be known to Bursary Selection Committee members but only information provided in an applicants application may be considered. If you are concerned about a conflict of interest please let the admissions staff know.

Can I appeal a bursary award decision?

Yes, you can appeal bursary award decisions if you feel your financial situation was not accurately presented or has changed. See Bursary Appeal Process Explained page.

What is Apple Financial Services?

Apple Financial Services is a third party company that collects the financial information of applicants and assesses the financial situation of a family. This service is a very important tool that allows the Bursary Selection Committee to fairly determine financial need. Apple Financial Services accepts documents through an online application. The application fee is $115.


See Apple’s FAQ page.


How long does it take Apple Financial Services to process an application?

Apple Financial Services process applications in 2-4 weeks based on workload.

Why do I have to pay a fee to Apple Financial Services?

Apple Financial Services charges a fee to process the financial information of applicants and their family. The fee is paid directly to Apple Financial Services, not Landmark East School.

How is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is very important to Landmark East School. In addition to existing privacy related policies, all identifiable information regarding a bursary application is stored in a secure location and is only accessible to those who have a purpose to view it (i.e. Bursary Selection Committee). Please refer to Apple Financial Services website for information on their privacy policy:

What happens if false or misleading information is intentionally provided on an application?

Intentionally providing false or misleading information or failing to provide relevant information on a bursary application is grounds for denial of a bursary. If this situation is discovered after a student has begun their studies, Landmark East School may take legal action to recover any used bursary amount. Students and families are reminded that bursaries are funded through donations and fundraising and the Bursary Selection Committee is bound to ensure bursary funds are awarded to those who meet the criteria. 

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