Upcoming Water Walk: November 20

Throughout the 2013-14 academic year the students of Landmark East School will be involved with an international humanitarian organization known as Free the Children. The primary goals of the organization are to free children from poverty and exploitation and to free young people from the notion that they are powerless to effect change in the world. Free the Children inspires young people to develop as socially conscious global citizens and become agents of change.

On November 20 Landmark East students and staff will be participating in a Water Walk through Wolfville. This event will mark the start of our school’s involvement with Free the Children. The Water Walk will demonstrate our solidarity with thousands of Sub-Saharan African women and girls who must carry water over great distances each day to supply their communities with water for drinking, cooking and basic hygiene. Water reservoirs are often contaminated and end up being sources of disease that may weaken and kill vast numbers of people. The burden of carrying water every day prevents many girls from receiving an education at school and the lack of safe drinking water keeps many African villages trapped in a state of suffering and despair.

During the school year a group of energetic and committed student volunteers from Landmark East, known as the Me to We Action Team, will work to support a Free the Children Clean Water and Sanitation Project. They will engage in numerous acts of volunteer service and other initiatives in the Wolfville community.

Teams of three will each be carrying a four litre container of water on November 20. Mr. Carl Oldham, the owner/general manager of Wolfville SaveEasy has generously donated 25 containers of President’s Choice water for our Water Walk event. Pictured below are three keen Action Team participants: Rebecca Holleman, Emma DePutter, Joe LePabic.

Water Walk