Landmark East Welcomes Jennifer Skuffham as Director of Student Recruitment

Landmark East School is excited to welcome Jennifer Skuffham to the team as our new Director of Student Recruitment. Recruitment is a critically important part of Landmark East School’s mission and future success.

Jennifer joins the Landmark East team with over 20 years experience in recruitment and mentoring youth. She is passionate about making a positive difference and helping others succeed. A graduate of Acadia University, she has excelled in all of her roles including a top recruiter for Venture for Canada, Acadia University and a leader and trainer for the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

In addition to pursuing a career, she is committed to giving back to her community through extensive volunteer work including fundraising, conducting leadership workshops and volunteering with seniors and children.

Jennifer is excited to work with the amazing Landmark East team to help welcome new students and their families to the Landmark East community. Very soon she will be reaching out to past and present students and their families to build and strengthen relationships.

Jennifer can be reached at:
Phone: (902) 542-2237 Ext. 223
Cell: (902) 300-2124

About Landmark East School

Landmark East is an independent co-ed day and boarding school for students with learning differences located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The student base is diverse with learners from grades 3-12 who have been diagnosed in a variety of areas such as high-functioning Autism, Dyslexia, and Attention Deficit Disorder that make learning challenging in a traditional school setting. The school is committed to student-centered learning, small class sizes, daily physical activity, community service, and diverse pedagogy. A team of over forty professionals specializing in various roles drive the school’s success and are dedicated to enhancing students’ academic success and self-confidence. Landmark East is a registered charity and actively fundraises year-round to provide student bursaries. On average, half of Landmark East’s Nova Scotia students are subsidized through bursaries. Landmark East is one of three recognized special education schools in Nova Scotia; therefore, Nova Scotia students with a demonstrated need for Landmark East are eligible for the funding they would receive if they attended a public school.

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