After-School Activities

Landmark East has always been proud of our after-school, evening, and weekend programming. This important physical aspect of the student experience is designed to further engage our students and to make connections within a variety of opportunities outside the confines of the classroom. We also know that these extracurricular moments provide many important opportunities for our students to develop skills in building social relationships, risk taking, resilience, sportsmanship, performance arts, music, communication, tolerance, and other important life skills. All of our activities are led by staff and are scheduled at specific times each week. We also offer optional evening activities for boarding students following evening study hall. These include, but are not limited to: supervised weight training, cardio, and recreational sport activities on the play pad. Because we feel this type of programming is a wonderful learning opportunity for all students, we invite you to encourage your son or daughter to get involved!

After-School Activities that may be offered throughout the year include:

Creative Movement:
Students will enjoy participating in various forms of creative movement such as hula hooping, yoga, skipping, dance and walking.

Disc Golf:
Students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Disc Golf and play games with their peers.


Archery instruction will give the students information about the equipment used, including its parts and care. Instruction will be given on the basic skills of archery (ie. draw, aim, release, follow-through). Safety will always be foremost. Students will learn to follow instructions on the range, and a slight element of competition will be introduced once the skill levels have been achieved.

Students will be biking various trails in the local area, while being safety cautious, and learning turn/stop signals. We will ride anywhere between 10-20 km per day enjoying the natural beauty and landscapes of the Annapolis Valley up close and personal.


Students will be hiking various trails in the local area while enjoying the Annapolis Valley’s diverse landscapes.






Gym Activities:
Students will experience a wide variety of fitness experiences, games, physical challenges, and other activities. Activities may include soccer, basketball, tag games, capture the flag and camp games. Students have an opportunity to participate in physical activities as a group while developing their physical literacy skills (ie, skipping, jumping, throwing, catching).

This activity welcomes all students who are interested in participating in a formal theatrical production either as an actor or in technical support. We will be putting on two performances this year- one before the Christmas break and one at the end of May. As a team, the club will work together to select which scripts will be brought to life. Students will be provided with a script for their character and will be expected to learn and memorize lines.

After School of Rock:
The After School of Rock is not afraid to turn it up! This rockin’ group of students are energetic and not only ready to show their individual musical talents with others, but collaborate on pop and original songs. Students are expected to explore a variety of music genres and learn to appreciate multiple styles and tastes. Students will be performing songs in a variety of assemblies and/or other school performances throughout the year.

This club is part of Landmark East’s WE Club. Only members of WE may participate. Students visit the Wolfville Elms Nursing Home on Mondays and engage residents in an energetic game of Jeopardy modeled after the long-running television game show. Jeopardy provides our students with the opportunity to experience and develop community service skills and to give back through their work with seniors in our community.

Wrestling is an excellent workout for students. The Wrestling team practices the art of wrestling four days a week and will be competing across the province with other schools.

Skiing & Snowboarding:

Students will travel to Ski Martock for skiing and snowboarding. Lessons will be provided by Ski Martock’s instructors.







Cross Country Running:

Students learn the fundamental movements of running while preparing for competitions against other schools in the province.





Students will have the chance to do cardiovascular training on a variety of equipment and various outdoor physical activities.

Weight Training:
Basic strength and conditioning programs will be set up for individual students.

Ball Hockey:
Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics skills of ball hockey from a former National ball hockey player.

Students will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of curling, the game and the equipment used. Students are expected to respect the club rules, each other and staff while have fun. Once students feel comfortable with their skill level and technique they have enjoy playing a recreational game of curling.

Creative Arts:
Creative Art activities are a wonderful way to support self-expression and creativity in students. Art is often seen as a form of therapy and students will experience self-confidence, creativity, problem solving and relationship development while participating in these activities. These types of activities are also known to contribute to student’s emotional and physical wellness. Creative art programs can also open opportunities for students to express their thoughts, as well as reducing stress and anxiety by relaxing and releasing this energy into their artwork. Activities may include painting, drawing, colouring, etc.

Debate Club:
Debate is an opportunity to engage with current events through the art of the argument. The team will have the opportunity to compete across the province with other schools.

Therapeutic Activities:
Students will build self confidence, resilience and interpersonal skills through creative projects with their peers. Activities may include team building exercise, art, cooking, yoga and nature walks.

Girls Get Active:

Get Active is a program designed to give girls the opportunity to try a variety of new activities while building self confidence, social skills and fundamental movement skills through a variety of physical activities




Extra-curricular Opportunities in the Community
Boarding students may join extra-curricular activities in the local community such as sports, clubs and/or music lessons. These extra-curricular moments may include:

Ice Skating
Theatre Productions
Martial Arts
Private Music Lessons
Youth Band