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The Independent School Experience

Every child deserves the best education we can provide.

When I first graduated with my Bachelor of Education I was full of passion and eager to bring about positive change in the lives of my future students. I spent three years teaching in the public school system and found myself in tears much of the time. I had forty Math 10 students in one of my classes – I knew their struggles, weakness and strengths. What was impossible, was trying to help each student reach their potential. There wasn’t enough time, in some cases no support from home, and an endless number of hurtles that seemed entirely overwhelming.

Then I started my career in the Independent School system. The classes were small (which meant I got to know the students very well); the parents were in an engaging partnership with the teachers. Together we did whatever was in the best interest of their child’s education (which meant I not only could identify the areas that each student needed help with - but I could address each learning need - I could make it happen). My students were full of joy and were not afraid to show their love of learning; school was a cool place to be! It was the first time in my life I felt like I belonged; that I was accepted for who I was and could just be me.

These days, the tears are shared – during Parent-Teacher conferences and during each graduation ceremony – they are joyful celebrations. The Independent School experience allows me to remain full of passion sharing in the positive growth of our students.

At Landmark East School, your collaborative team: parents, children, teachers, support staff and administrators, all work together to make this place, this school, very special. Every day magical things happen for our students – they experience academic and social success in small classes (maximum of 8), make friends, learn – and most importantly, develop strong self-esteem. Here, they too can just be who they are!

Don’t just take my word for it – check out our website ( give us a call (902-542-2237), come by (708 Main Street, Wolfville, NS), email (, encourage your child to take a test drive (spend a day or two in our school), and see for yourself!

Karen Fougere, Head of School,

Landmark East School

1 Nov 2019

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