More Fantastic Wrestling Results – Horton Tournament

Yesterday at Horton High School the wrestling team had another successful day. We had 4 first place finishes and 4 second place finishes.

I cant express enough how proud I am of everyone, their hard work and dedication.

These results are fantastic and these young men and women are representing themselves and the school in extraordinary fashion simply by showing up and working hard, and that’s what really counts.

– Mike Elliott

  • Phil A. 1st
  • Emily B. 1st
  • Kieran C. 2nd
  • Damario H. 1st
  • Jordan H. 2nd
  • Luke S. 2nd
  • Mike S. did not finish due to injury
  • Tristan S. 2nd
  • Wesley S. 1st

Fantastic results having 8 of 9 wrestlers finish either 1st or 2nd!

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