Kenneth M. Mounce, Honourable James S. Cowan, Dr. William F. Mason, John A. Edgecombe.

Landmark East was founded in 1979 by Dr. Charles Drake, an innovative American educator and dyslexic, along with a Board of Directors consisting of Canadian parents and professionals. It was their belief that students with learning disabilities must be given the opportunity to learn academic and social skills that enable them to become confident, independent learners.

Dr. Drake modeled Landmark East after schools he founded in the United States; although there is no affiliation with these schools. Landmark East is governed by Landmark East Association, a registered Canadian charity, for the benefit of students with learning disabilities.

In 1995, Landmark East established a joint research center for learning disabilities with the Psychology Department of Acadia University, also in the town of Wolfville.

Research conducted through the Landmark East and Acadia Centre for Research on Learning Disabilities looks at understanding learning disabilities, applying this understanding to benefit children and educators, and addressing concerns specific to children with learning disabilities. Studies conducted at Landmark East have been published in such journals as the Journal of Learning Disabilities and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice.

Landmark East is an approved school with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and its high school program and diploma are recognized by the Government of Nova Scotia.