Faculty & Staff

Name Position Extension Email
Karen Fougere Head of School 222 kfougere@landmarkeast.org
Debbie Merks Business Manager 263 dmerks@landmarkeast.org
Kim Thomson High School Coordinator 225 kthomson@landmarkeast.org
Dana Caulfield Elementary / Middle School Coordinator 224 dcaulfield@landmarkeast.org
Moira Taylor Literacy Coordinator mtaylor@landmarkeast.org
Amber Corkum Study Hall Coordinator acorkum@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Janet Cooper Administrative Assistant 227 jcooper@landmarkeast.org
Mandy Flynn Advancement Officer 234 mflynn@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Tony Hadjisterkoti IT Coordinator it@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Marlene Barkhouse Teacher mbarkhouse@landmarkeast.org
Brooke Boutilier Teacher bboutilier@landmarkeast.org
Shannon Callaghan Teacher scallaghan@landmarkeast.org
Amber Corkum Teacher acorkum@landmarkeast.org
Kathryn Cosman Teacher kcosman@landmarkeast.org
Shawn Cottrell Teacher scottrell@landmarkeast.org
Laura Fiander-Hayne Teacher lfiander@landmarkeast.org
Tony Hadjisterkoti Teacher thadjisterkoti@landmarkeast.org
Amanda Lombard Teacher alombard@landmarkeast.org
Joshua McIsaac Teacher jmcisaac@landmarkeast.org
Katie Ormon Teacher kormon@landmarkeast.org
Nichole Pothier Teacher npothier@landmarkeast.org
Cindy-Jo Reid Teacher creid@landmarkeast.org
Theresa Saunders Teacher tsaunders@landmarkeast.org
Kyla Shields Teacher kshields@landmarkeast.org
Moira Taylor Teacher mtaylor@landmarkeast.org
Clarissa Wood Teacher cwood@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Sheonagh McCullough Speech-Language Pathologist smccullough@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Glen Currie Student Life Director 229 gcurrie@landmarkeast.org
Sarah Leopold Student Life Assistant Director 264 sleopold@landmarkeast.org
Ella Goldschmid Weekend Activity Team 264 egoldschmid@landmarkeast.org
Nathan Goudreau Girls Dorm Lead 264 ngoudreau@landmarkeast.org
Sandie Beyea Girls Dorm Lead 264 sbeyea@landmarkeast.org
Mike Elliott Activity Team 229 melliott@landmarkeast.org
Asma Lokhandwala Dorm Parent 264 alokhandwala@landmarkeast.org
Jennifer Marando/strong> Weekend Activity Team 264 jmarando@landmarkeast.org
Lindsay Schnare Weekend Activity Team 264 lschnare@landmarkeast.org
Colin Smith Weekend Activity Team 229 colinsmith@landmarkeast.org
Vanessa Stephens Weekend Activity Team 264 vstephens@landmarkeast.org
Elijah Stephenson Weekend Activity Team 229 estephenson@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Tammy Mitchell Head Cook 228 tmitchell@landmarkeast.org
Laura Brown Assistant Cook 228 lbrown@landmarkeast.org
Bridget Brawn Weekend Cook 228 bbrawn@landmarkeast.org
Francesca Derro Weekend Kitchen Assistant 228 fderro@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Patrick Gouthro Overnight Security 229 pgouthro@landmarkeast.org
Paul Noble Overnight Security (Weekends) 229 pnoble@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
Josh Lake Head of Maintenance jlake@landmarkeast.org
Angie Brawn Custodian abrawn@landmarkeast.org
Jack Hubley Maintenance Assistant  jhubley@landmarkeast.org


Name Position Extension Email
George Rafuse Driver  grafuse@landmarkeast.org
Jack Hubley Driver  jhubley@landmarkeast.org