Directors & Trustees

Landmark East Association

Landmark East School is maintained and operated by Landmark East Association, a non-profit Society registered under the Nova Scotia Societies Act. Landmark East Association is a registered charity, BN 11900 5015 RR 0001.

The Landmark East Association Board of Directors is comprised of alumni parents/grandparents and members of the business and educational community. Landmark East is most fortunate to be able to draw upon the expertise and guidance of our volunteer Board.

The school is a product of the faithful commitment of our Board of Directors, along with Dr. Charles Drake, who co-founded the school in 1979. Headmaster of Landmark East School is Peter Coll.

Board of Directors

  • Janet Savage (Chair) – Compliance Officer
  • Mary Saunders (Vice-Chair) – Landmark East Parent
  • Jim Sotvedt (Treasurer) – Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
  • Ray Baltzer – School Administrator (Retired)
  • Murray Edwards – Business Owner (Retired)
  • Frank Hazel – General Manager (Retired)
  • Martha MacQuarrie – Landmark East Parent, Business Co-Owner
  • Simon Roberts – Pharmaceutical Representative
  • Catherine Savage – Commercial Bank Account Manager
Honourary Directors- March 14, 2012

Honorary Board of Directors

  • Senator James Cowan, Q.C. – Lawyer
  • John Edgecombe – Investment Dealer (Retired)
  • Dr. William Mason – Alumnus Parent & Radiologist (Retired)
  • Kenneth Mounce – Company President (Retired)

Landmark East Foundation

Landmark East Foundation was established in November 2005 to assist Landmark East Association in the current fundraising campaign and steward donated funds. The Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organization and its charitable registration business number is 81413 8475 RR 0001.

We are privileged to have a remarkable group of people to draw upon for our volunteer Board of Trustees. The current Board is comprised of alumni parents and grandparents and members of the business and education community.

  • Martha MacQuarrie (Chair) – Landmark East Parent, Business Co-Owner
  • Thomas Paul (Vice-Chair) – Pilot
  • Rev. Dr. Randy Crozsman – Minister of Religion (Clergy)
  • Tamara Gilley – Director of Corporate Affairs and Internal Engagement
  • Robin Hennigar – Financial Planner (Retired)
  • Catherine Savage – Bank Account Manager
  • Janet Savage –¬†Compliance Officer
  • Michael Vaughan – Finance Manager
  • Cyril White – Company President

Honourary Trustees:

  • Henry Hicks – Alumnus Parent & Investment Advisor (Retired)
  • Marsha Sobey – Former Landmark East Teacher, Reading Consultant

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